Welcome to the Firelands Education Association webpage.  Please be patient as I go through a learning curve trying to learn the website.


Current Executive Committee Members:

President- Ellen Gundersen

Vice-President- Steve Lias

Treasurer and Webmaster- Chris Jones

Secretary- Missy Mowry

Membership- Debbie Van Cooney

FHS Representative- Andy Gulish

SAMS Representative- Chelsea Copley

FES Representatives- Jill Kelley, Michelle Ott, and Bill Yakunovich



The Firelands Education Association would like to announce the winner of the 2016 FEA Memorial Scholarship.  This $500 scholarship goes to an outstanding senior, who writes an essay about what they would personally do to help solve a problem, either on the local, state, or national level.  This year’s winner was Alex Sabine, who wrote about hunger, and how she would combat it in our community, and with it her ideas hopefully spreading to the state level.  Congratulations Alex, and good luck to you as you attend the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in the Fall.


Just as we were attacked by SB5 and were helped by other unions to help repeal the bill, we are urged by another union to support their cause.  The USPS is having issues with Staples, and have initiated a “Stop Staples” Initiative.  Staples has been selling postal services for profit.  NEA is supporting the postal employees as they did for us during the SB5 battle.